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Wahab Smartbin Air Set Of 2

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  • The smartest, easiest, cleanest, & simplest home composting method. Ever!
  • Smart kitchen garbage bin that transform your food waste to healthy & fertile soil

  • Perfect for food waste management & garbage disposal at home

  • Produces high quality organic compost for all your ornamental, flowering & vegetable plants

  • Produces SmartBrew – the world’s best liquid organic fertiliser

  • Stops landfills, air & ground water pollution while improving the health of garbage collection workers

  • No mixing or turning
  • Ease of use
  • Lifetime support & handholding
  • Long lasting , lasts over 10 years!
  • Composts all kinds of food waste
  • Gives organic drain and toilet cleaner
  • Clean & hygienic
  • No stink or foul smell
  • Completely indoor operation
  • Neat & clean, non-messy operation
  • Completely safe to handle
  • Follow these simple steps below correctly, you will enjoy neat & clean, insect free, odor free & hassle free composting!
  • Step 1 :Collect all your food waste in an air tight container. Everything goes even cooked food, citrus, dairy, non-veg etc. REMEMBER NO LIQUIDS!! . Strain gravies and only collect the solids. Keep the bowl tightly covered at all times. Never allow flies to enter this container, or leave food waste exposed
  • Step 2 : Once the bowl fills, empty it into your smartbin air, one inch at a time. Cover with a layer of Bio Bloom Air  composting microbes, enough to cover the waste completely. A thin layer is enough. Allow the Bio Bloom Air to fill the gaps between the waste particles. Close the lid  immediately
  • Step 3 : Smartbin Air lids are insect proof. If in the off chance an insect egg hatches inside the bin, it turns into a tiny white worm & then into a cocoon that looks like a grain of brown rice at the bottom of the lid. Inspect daily and wash them off if you ever see them. While washing the lids cover the bins with a cloth
  • Step 4: Repeat steps 1 to 3, till the bin fills. Ensure the waste doesn’t touch the bottom of the lid. There is no need to turn the waste. Then keep the bin aside indoors for 10 days and start using the next bin
  • Step 5 : After 10 days use the gloves in your kit to transfer the contents to a curing bag (also in the kit) and tie the mouth of the bag tightly. Leave it to cure for 20 to 30 days and your compost will be ready!
  • Step 6 : Once you empty the Smartbin Air, you will find smartbrew collected at the bottom of the strainer. Fill the bin with water to dilute the smartbrew. Water your plants with this liquid to see the magic of smartbrew!
  • Set of 2 is ideal for 1 – 4 member family size
  • Kit Includes : 2 Smartbin Air (20L) Bins, 2 Strainers, 2 Stands, 2 Taps, 3 Kgs of Bio Bloom Air (should last a nuclear family 30 – 45 days), 2 Stage II Curing Bags

Wahab Smartbin Air Set Of 2

449.00‎ QAR
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