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Wahab Bio Bloom Air - 1Kg

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  • Organic compost microbes for easy home composting
  • No mixing or turning ever needed! 
  • Now make your own compost for the plants instead of buying
  • Save money from your food waste that you are throwing away
  • composts all types of food waste , even non-veg, pickles, oil, citrus, dairy, etc. and it turns into the highest quality organic fertilizer
  • Using Bio Bloom Air for composting can be very inexpensive by using the Economy Mode
  • Many people are using it successfully. Here’s how it works….
  • Once you get your first batch of compost, let it age for at least a month
  • Then dry it out thoroughly and mix with equal parts of Bio Bloom Air
  • You now have the economy mode of Bio Bloom Air
  • Use that mix instead of Bio Bloom Air to layer your waste in the Smartbin Air
  • Over time, with experience, you can continue to decrease the percentage of Bio Bloom Air in your Economy Mode, and increase the percentage of your aged and dried compost
  • This way eventually, you will reach a stage, when you only purchase the Bio Bloom Air 3 – 4 times a year to replenish the microbe population in your Economy Mode and the running cost will become negligible

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Wahab Bio Bloom Air - 1Kg

25.00‎ QAR
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