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Draft Guard For Doors And Windows

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  • The draft guard has been designed to doors and windows so that you're protected from drafts from both sides
  • Once you've cut the special insert to size, just slide it into place and you're done!
  • No need to keep adjusting or fussing with it like other door draft stoppers
  • You can save a lot of power if you are running an air conditioner in your room
  • An AC needs to work harder if there is air leak from the room, especially from under the door
  • Stop those air leaks and save money on electric bill!
  • The twin draft guard is made from a washable fabric that is abrasion resistant
  • Not only does the draft guard help keep the heat in and cold out, it also keeps dust, sand, and bugs out while also helping with sound insulation
  • You can adjust the length of the draft guard to suit your door
  • You can alter it to precisely fit your door or window
  • Good quality washable door stopper made of very fine quality material can be reduced by cutting the foam tube
  • This door stopper is light in weight and long lasting

Draft Guard For Doors And Windows

20.00‎ QAR
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