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Majorette Super City Garage

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  • The Majorette Super City Garage offers action packed endless storytelling and vehicle action play!
  • This enormous play set is 73cm tall and 128cm wide and features parking for 35 cars.
  • There are 7 levels of play, each with interactive features. 2 motorized lifts take cars to the different play levels.
  • Fill up your car at the gas station then take it to the car wash.
  • Use the ramps to drive up the tracks. There are 4 tracks in total for amazing car races and crashes.
  • There is a secret tunnel but watch out for on coming traffic and crashes.
  • If there is an accident, call the police and they will rush from the police station and help along with the fire services.
  • You can always use public transport and catch the train instead from the train station which has lights and sounds features!
  •  In this world of play there’s always something going on On seven floors with numerous ramps, lanes and playing details
  • The Majorette Super City Garage provides the ultimate in play ideas for our die-cast toy cars under licence from major brands.
  • Six light and sound effect systems at the various play stations make the big city life even more realistic.
  • Naturally, the foundation for the Majorette collection is already included. As a sports car, fire brigade vehicle or police car, the six die-cast toy cars, under licence from Audi, Ford, Toyota and Iveco, make the experience perfect.
  • Additional tip: The Majorette Super City Garage isn’t just a playing experience, but also a unique opportunity to show off your own Majorette collection in style.

    Majorette Super City Garage

    999.00‎ QAR
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