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Moulinex Ultrablend LM936E27

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CHK TP MNAI 143 LM936E27
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  • Ultrablend+ ultra-high speed blender goes beyond blending: it pulverizes to unleash more nutrients for a better bio-availability and gets the real strength of your fruits and vegetables
  • Featuring Tripl'Ax Pro technology's 6 blades and driven by a powerful motor, UltraBlend+ reaches incredible levels of smoothness every time
  • With the UltraBlend+ ultra-high speed blender, get even more out of your fruits and vegetables
  • 45,000 RPM: Up to 15x thinner compared to a regular blender, the blade edge spins at up to 460 km/h thanks to powerful and durable motor of 1500W
  • Ultra-resistant Tritan 2 litre jug (useful capacity). No odor retention
  • 6 automatic programs with soft start: Smoothie, Ice Crush, Hot Soup (by friction from the fast blades), Sorbet, Nut, Auto Clean
  • In addition, the 6 automatic programs of the blender mixer and manual control provide an endless range of recipes
  • Tamper accessory included and intuitive digital display

Moulinex Ultrablend LM936E27

799.00‎ QAR
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