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Mi Deerma NU05 Blender 400ml

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  • Wireless design makes it easier for you to extracting juice anytime and anywhere providing convenient user experiences.
  • This machine USES a three-click open system to prevent the juicer from accidentally opening and improve safety.
  • This juicer is only 0.6kg and it is convenient for you to bring it to many places and it won’t take up too much storage space.
  • With 1500mAh, this juicer can last for a long time after being charged for 3 hours ensuring convenient user experiences for you.
  •  The blade design is adopted to make the juice more delicate and smooth, and can also easily crush the hard ice.
  • The bottle is made of food-grade plastic and the blade is made of superior stainless steel, and these materials are all non-toxic and odorless.
  • Capacity 400ml
  • 6 months warranty 

Mi Deerma NU05 Blender 400ml

159.00‎ QAR
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