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Dickie Bob The Builder RC Scoop

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  • Get the job done with Bob, Master and Scoop!
  • Dickie Toys's Bob the Builder Scoop remote control model features forward and reverse
  • Take in your 15 cm long Front-end Backhoe loader during a large-scale construction and extract the land to be transported
  • Scoop can go straight ahead while turning in reverse so it can turn in any direction
  • Helps a player increase hand eye coordination particularly because they use real word navigation
  • Using this remote control cars, will definitely help your kids to make new friends!
  • Helps in developing good visual motor coordination
  • Driving vehicle from a distance requires excellent coordination between what the eyes and see how the muscles of the hand react, pressing or toggling on the appropriate or sticks to make the correct maneuver
  • Fabricated with high quality materials
  • It delivers a sturdy life and long lasting performance

Dickie Bob The Builder RC Scoop

109.00‎ QAR
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