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Macnoa Car Seat & Cable Organizer Combo Set - 2Pcs

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  • Say goodbye to mess around !
  • Introducing our combo pack of car seat organizer and cable organizer at just QAR 99
  • The package comes with 2 cable holders and 2 seat organizers, good enough to keep all your messy cables organized and your car clean
  • No more fumbling around on the floor between the sofa and the end table, or between the bed and the nightstand to find the ends of your charging cables
  • The cable clips are made of 100% silicone, which is non-toxic, non-magnetic, anti-static, and flexible
  • Once you insert the cable into a slot, it won't fall out easy at all
  • Suitable for holding cables less than 6mm such as computer cables, audio cables, USB charging cables, and network cables
  • The double-faced adhesive is very firm and long-lasting and works well in smooth and clean the surface, such as marble, plastic, wood, glass, metal, and rubber
  • Create additional storage space in vehicle for your smartphone, wallet, cigarettes, keys, hand cream, coins, gloves, credit cards, documents, pens, cards, sunglasses, etc. using Macnoa car seat organizer
  • Easy to reach while driving
  • Exceptionally beautiful seat organizer is made of high quality PU leather, add fashion to your car interior
  • It is easy to remove and reattach when the seat needs to be moved backwards or forwards
  • Easy to remove for quick cleaning
  • It is suitable for most cars, no complicated installation, just slide between car seat and console until you find a nice place
  • Hold the car tidy, prevent small objects falling into the gap
  • It fills the gap between console and car tablet to keep your car interior tidy and organized
  • Not suitable for car seat gaps wider than 0.6 inches(1.5 cm) and central console lower than the seat
  • Cable organizer dimension : 10cm
  • Seat organizer dimension : 22in x 6.92in x 4.17in

Macnoa Car Seat & Cable Organizer Combo Set - 2Pcs

99.00‎ QAR
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