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Funsnap 3-Axis Phone Gimbal

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Product Description:

  • Built-in high precision gyroscope, sensor and brushless motors enable you to get stable footage
  • Can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth
  • Accurate face recognition and face following
  • Panorama function
  • Multi-Functional beautifying with app setting: Portrait extracting, magazine making, intelligent adjustment and one-key sharing one key direction change:Switching the horizontal and vertical direction of the phone screen (Click 3 times again and move the shark downward 45degree to exit vertical shooting mode
  • Compatible with action camera: When in action camera mode, capture will auto invoke matched PID parameter to reach a faster reaction and satisfied the shooting needs Compatible with Go-pro4/5/6 and the same size (note:the camera adaptor is optional)
  • Zoom Control, shooting freely: when under the Yaw follow mode, Zooming can be effected by moving the joystick toward left/right
  • Remote control, making shooting easier: Low-power diss , Bluetooth has been installed, lightly press to get a beautiful photos (Note the bluetooth controller is optimal)
  • Replaceable and Rechargeable Battery: 8 hours duration time, satisfy a whole-day shooting needs
  • Model : Capture 3 Axis Gimbal
  • Pitch Speed : 2°/s~65°/s
  • Yaw Speed : 2°/s~180°/s
  • Angle Jitter : ±0.03°
  • Battery : -18650- 2600mAh 
  • Playing Time : about 8h
  • Charging Time : 2h 

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