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Anti-Gravity Case ( Samsung S7 Edge )

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CHK0000363 S7E 002F
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  • High quality anti gravity Nano technology sticky case.
  • Perfect for your Samsung S7 Edge
  • Stick to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets or tile and most smooth and flat surfaces.
  • Perfect for going hands-free while taking selfies, Skyping, having FaceTime conversations, recording video blogs, and much more.
  • Made of high polymer adsorption materials for repeated use.
  • Protect your phone from scratch and shock.
  • Light weight, easy access to all of the phone’s buttons, charger port and camera.
  • Easy to install and remove and it makes your phone look Great!
  • Material: PC+TPU
  • How to use:
  1. Remove the Protective film that's been keeping all those millions of suction cups nice and cozy
  2. When placing your magic case on any surface, make sure it is firmly stuck in place by pressing your finger on the screen in the motion of a cross.
  3. Gently try to wiggle your phone to make sure it's stuck firmly to the intended surface.
Note: If the sticky part got dirty and not able to stick on the wall, you can wipe it with clear water, and it will be sticky again.


    Anti-Gravity Case ( Samsung S7 Edge )

    60.00‎ QAR
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